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Learn The Stages Of Cognition To Improve Your Memory

The human brain is a complex mass of matter inside your skull that allows you to accept information and process this information by interacting with our environment through learning and action. Mental work-out can improve the brainís faculties and can usually protect against cognitive decline and other diseases that damages the brain and the memory.

Our brain has the ability to adapt and evolve itself. Even in older people, it can re-grow new neurons. Serious mental decline is generally caused by some diseases, whereas most age-related memory loss are simply caused by idle mind. The rule of thumb is: ďuse it or lose it.Ē

It was just recently that brain scientists and psychologist have been able to document how the brain network forms the whole mass of memory. Beginning in the motherís womb throughout the advanced stages of life, the brain network never stops in expanding to adapt and learn. You can observe the inside of the brain at a cellular degree and you will find out how a mere mass of grey matter works and allow us to learn.

Generally, there are three stages that our brain follows in creating and recalling memories. These stages are:

1. Possession

Data enters the brain through pathways in the neurons in the certain part of the brain. This is the most important part in encoding information into the brain unless you do not focus your mind in the acquired data. The brain will just interpret it for a while and it will be discarded. That is why most teachers or instructors are always keeping an eye on students that are not paying attention.

2. Interpretation

If you have focused well to instill the needed data into your brain, a part of the brain called the hippocampus, will send a signal to store the data for permanent or as a long-term memory. This occurs more easily if it is associated to something that you are familiar with, or if it is striking to your mental or emotional responses.

3. Repossession

When you need to remember a data, your brain will activate the same flow of sequence of the brain cells it used in storing information; the easier it is to recall it along brain cells.

Do you think you have a bad memory? This is totally wrong. Maybe you are just keeping not-so-effective habits and practices when you are taking and processing data. Aside from brain-related diseases or injuries, you can always sharpen your mind and enhance your brainís ability to recall information.

Our mind, like the body needs to be nourished and practiced as much as possible. The more you exercise your mind, the better you will be able to process and retain data. Regular and sensory stimulation are the basis of a good brain work-out. If you break your habit in a more active method, parts of the brain that were idle can be used now.

This can also involve something as easy as writing with your left hand, which will stimulate brain connections on the body parts that are not actively used. Some brain exercises also force you to use your body parts in peculiar ways, like eating while your eyes are closed. You can also learn a language, play a new game, or create something such as an exotic dish. These things are the most effective methods to keep your neurons working.


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