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Improve Your Memory Through Association

Most psychologists believe that our brainís capacity to store information is unlimited. This means that our mind cannot be over filled. New data may, however, meddle with the data retained a long time ago, making these older data more difficult to recall. To avoid this situation, a person can employ a little organization of information inside his or her mind.

Our memory can be long term or short term. In a short-term memory, your mind stores data for a short period of time about a few minutes. This kind of memory is delicate and it is just natural. Your brain will soon discard it. It is estimated that the brain can only hold at least seven short-term memories, thatís why you can usually recall your call number but you need your credit card when you are purchasing something online.

For short-term memory, such as recalling the time for your dental check-up or the name of the priest to contact for your childís baptism, simply do nothing. This is because we donít need this kind of information permanently and eventually we can forget them.

For long-term memories, such as recalling trivia quizzes, contact numbers, security policy number etc, you should make some extra effort to go over these things because you need them for permanent retrieval. You can do this several times in a day. Then remember the new data at least once a day for a few weeks. By the end of this period, the objects you recall will be permanently retained in your brain.

Most people have learned different techniques in improving memory that are quite effective such as imaging pictures and associating them, creating clear or humorous pictures, transforming numbers to picture words ďrelatingĒ items in a long series to creates a roster and matching items with peg words to recall numbered lists. These are the most common techniques that you can learn from numerous memory guides and internet websites, though there are some variations in terms and procedures, the basic ideas are very similar.

There is a big possibility that even though you have a certain memory application in mind that cannot be retained using these techniques such as recalling chemical equations for lab. To aid you with this, you can use some tips and techniques in improving your memory. There are techniques that focus on a specific application. There is no such thing as magic formula in order to recall something. The secret is to simply take note of the techniques and data you have already learned and use them in retaining memory.

The most important thing to remember in order to recall some hard data is to create an association and linkages that shall facilitate memory. This is why almost anyone with an average brain can also significantly enhance their skills to remember objects using mnemonics. While creating a memory temple, as an example, requires a person to recall more, by relating the things that need to be remembered with other things such as emotions, metal strikes etc. The more you build mental links, the more likely you will be able to retrieve information.

Memory is a special function of our brain in order to recall information that we have learned or observed. This simple meaning is ironic since it covers sophisticated process that incorporates different parts of the brain and serves in rigorous ways.


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